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Don’t Settle for Institutionalization

A famous line from, indisputably the №1 movie of all time, The Shawshank Redemption, was Red’s take on prison life:

“These walls are funny. First, you hate them. Then, you get used to them. Enough time passes, you depend on them. That’s institutionalized.”

Institutionalization is mentioned repeatedly in the film as the prisoners assume a new status quo. It refers to a process of changing the prisoner’s original behaviors and thoughts to accept and depend on their current situation little by little. This aspect gradually robs the individual of hope and, eventually, moral imagination. …

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Cultural Legacy

My favorite chapter from renowned author Malcolm Gladwell comes from his 3rd bestseller, Outliers, where he masterfully weaved the link between plane crashes and Korean culture. Here, Gladwell introduces the concept of cultural legacy:

A cultural legacy is the inheritance of cultural traits that influences our success or failure.

Just like the sociological experiment on the monkeys and bananas, where the last monkey was culturally trained by peers that came earlier, cultural legacies are also practices from centuries ago that have been passed down from generation to generation. Aspects like these are cemented through time and, as Gladwell says, are…

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There are no limits to human curiosity. It is this impatience with incompleteness, with what is only half true, with answers that are unsatisfactory, that drives us on, to ask more questions, to find better, more satisfactory answers. — Lonergan

While reading the Structure of Cognition by Lonergan, this particular passage personally struck a chord. Curiosity is a driver. It enables us to solve problems and draw insight from intentional truth-seeking. Curiosity is choosing to look deeper into everyday things and seeing their true significance. Maintaining this sense of wonder is crucial to creativity and inspiration. …

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Enron, located in Houston, Texas, was deemed as one of a new breed of American companies that took part in a variety of ventures related to energy. It traded gas and oil future prices, built oil refineries and power plants, and gradually rose as one of the world’s largest electricity, natural gas, and communications companies before it filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

Enron was formed in 1985 coming from a merger between Houston Natural Gas Company and InterNorth Incorporated. …

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Actionable Writing Tip 1: Remove Clutter

We’ve all tried writing thinking that if the sentence is nothing fancy, there must be something wrong with it. Nobody would bother if it’s too simple. Newsflash! It’s quite the opposite. William Zinsser, the author of On Writing Well, says it best: “The secret of good writing is to strip every sentence to its cleanest components.”

The cleaner the window, the better the view. The cleaner the writing, the better the understanding — for both you and the reader. Your writing improves in proportion to the number of things you can free up that wasn’t supposed to be there. …

5 penguins
5 penguins
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Leadership and Communication are values that Toastmasters thrusts upon its members as the core skills to develop, hone, and impart to their peers. A Toastmaster undergoes a special educational track, called a Pathway, with this sole purpose in mind.

The culmination of a Pathway is a capstone project called the HPL or the High-Performance Leadership project. How you implement this capstone is wholly up to you.

My HPL was one of my most defining experiences as a leader. To better illustrate my journey, let me share it with you through the words of John Maxwell:

A leader is one who…

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Being rich and being happy are two of the most common aspirations of life but they rarely go hand-in-hand. Is seeking that golden pot at the end of the rainbow really worth it?

According to Yale’s most popular online course The Science of Well-Being, research has found out that our minds are wired to find happiness on things that in fact provide the contrary.

Money is one of those traps. Hence the need to rewire our thinking to lean on things that do bring lasting satisfaction. …

People and trust. This is DanBam

“Itaewon Class, a series beloved by many because of its business, growth, and investment elements, stood on top of the concept of insurance.” — Ian Dilla

Team “DanBam” or Sweet Night

Let me preface this by saying that Itaewon Class (IC) is not your run-of-the-mill series and definitely not a faux cinderella story contrary to one’s claims. IC has high ratings, and for a good reason, it is gripping and compelling, to say the least.

You see, I personally tend to strictly apply a “litmus test” on the media I plan to consume. Say books, I test it by reading the first five pages, and I let it go if it doesn’t strike a chord. …

Apicture is worth a thousand words. We’ve heard that saying a lot of times, however I’ve always felt like the quote underestimates the power of words.

There exist words that also elicit a similar response. Words can trigger a thousand pictures too. Something current for example is the word coronavirus. Surely that would trigger dozens of news articles and experiences — yet it’s a single word.

How about a personal example, say Nike. Whenever I’d read or see that word, my mind gushes with multiple sceneries of Japan, the ragtag founders, and how it all began as a “crazy idea”.

Leo Galvez

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