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3 Reasons Why “Itaewon Class” Changes You For The Better

Let me preface this by saying that Itaewon Class (IC) is not your run-of-the mill series and definitely not a faux cinderella story contrary to one’s claims. IC has high ratings and for good reason, it is gripping and compelling to say the least. You see, I personally tend to strictly apply a “litmus test” on media I plan to consume. Say books, I test it by reading the first five pages and if it doesn’t strike a chord, I let it go. What’s so special about IC is that it reeled me in after the first few scenes and look where it got me — it got me writing my first article on a series as my way of overcoming my equally first case of Post-Series Depression (PSD).

1. The Value of Resolve

Saeyori’s unyielding resolve throughout the series (proceeds to press chestnut cut)

As cliche as never giving up on your dreams may sound, Saeroyi makes it seem feasible and pragmatic albeit daunting and hard-pressed— it’s simply part of the process.

Another powerful instance was his reunion after serving time with the antagonist, Jang Geun-Won. Geun-won, being the jerk he always was, provoked Saeyori on his seemingly unaccomplished life. Saeyori vehemently responded that despite his current situation, he is confident with his 15-year plan to overthrow Jangga, much to the horror of Geun-won. Jangga even went to the point of ousting Saeroyi and DanBam from their building — a building which took Saeroyi seven long years to finally rent. It would seem that one’s proof of hard work was simply nothing to others born of privilege. Despite all these, he displayed a confident resolve, persistently believing in his goals. But Saeroyi is more cunning than what he puts off, he adapts and changes plans. You lose some battles but still in the hope of winning the war.

“You took absolutely nothing from me” — Saeroyi (what about Soo-Ah? lol)
Saeroyi, a building-owner that turns on decorative lights in broad daylight lol

2. The Value of Companionship

Hyun Yi receives twice her pay — not to be fired, but to work twice as harder (Sana ol)
L: Saeroyi accepts Geun-Soo’s feelings lol R: Seung-Kwoon can’t help but show his love (we ship)

3. The Value of Money

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Cheers to our own dreams!
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