It is only when you venture to the edge of your limits that your limits will expand.

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Don’t Settle for Institutionalization

“These walls are funny. First, you hate them. Then, you get used to them. Enough time passes, you depend on them. That’s institutionalized.”

To break the wheel is a path in itself.

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Cultural Legacy

A cultural legacy is the inheritance of cultural traits that influences our success or failure.

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Curiosity spins the wheel of discovery—and we are responsible for cultivating it.

There are no limits to human curiosity. It is this impatience with incompleteness, with what is only half true, with answers that are unsatisfactory, that drives us on, to ask more questions, to find better, more satisfactory answers. — Lonergan

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Truth-telling is the cornerstone of corporate governance.

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Use the English language in a way that will achieve the greatest clarity and strength.

Actionable Writing Tip 1: Remove Clutter

The right mix of public speaking and leadership.

5 penguins
5 penguins
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A leader is one who…

Is money really the key to happiness?

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People and trust. This is DanBam

Team “DanBam” or Sweet Night

Reading changes you, inside and out.

Leo Galvez

Electrical Engineer | MBA | Public Speaker |

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